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Curated by @anitariadcliffe and organized mostly by students in University of Gadjah Mada. Your charity as since your trip of course will economically support our crew’s study and daily life.

Travelers more than 6 people, company gathering, adventure club event, kindly drop us an email:   [email protected]

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An adventure day

Best on this month, All package

One day top adventurous destination in Jogja: Merapi Jeep Adventure, River Tubing, and Sand Boarding. Start the day to go to Mountain, river tubing down to river, and end the day with experiencing sand boarding on ...

from $78

Historical Tour

Private Tour, All package

A day visiting historical destination: Borobudur temple for sunrise viewing, one of the best museum in Indonesia: Museum Ullen Sentalu, and cultural heritage by UNESCO Prambanan temple. Visiting these sites ...

from $106

Jomblang & Timang tour

Best on this month, All package

For your rare adventure experience, locals people will work together to pull you up from 60 meter vertical cave in Jomblang and 150 meter on traditional gondola above the wave in Timang beach to cross the sea. Sounds ...

from $106$71

Kampung Tour

Local Experiences, All package

Escaping from city and daily life? Wanna learn and experience Javanese hospitality? By this tour we'll take you away from city. One day tour without city life and tall building. You will cycling around villages ...

from $91

Merapi Fun Hiking

Local Experiences, All package, Hiking Trips

Won't to trekking Merapi to the top? Here is the right one for you. Merapi fun hiking is short trekking around Merapi old lava. 2-3 hours trekking though forest, old river, and final spot is at spring water. Best part ...

from $64

2 days – Adventure trip

Best on this month, All package

If you have not lot of time to explore Yogyakarta you’ll enjoy our 2 day 2 night Yogyakarta Tour. This tour is not rushing at all but you could visit adventures attraction in Yogyakarta in a short visit. Within 2 ...

from $191$168

2 Days Explore Jogja

Best on this month, All package

Have 2 days only for visiting beyond must-visit places in Yogyakarta? Here you go. These 2 days tour will take you to experience unique experience in Yogyakarta as well as awesome collection for your Instagram feed. ...

from $168

5 days things to do Yogyakarta

All package

The most request trip on 2017-2018 (until now) by Travellover. Our 5 Day 4 Night Yogyakarta was designed to give you the chance to experience the diverse tourism highlights of Yogyakarta. For you who first time ...

from $278
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JackBarr – Switzerland Great local knowledge and sticks to the timings of pick up and departure. We had a great time with her especially the kids. Really enjoyable time and suggest to her what you would like to do and it will happen. ... Read More
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Michelle – Singapore
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Elford-Poh – Singapore
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Reem D – UK
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Jason – Singapore
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