Tips Visiting Temple

Generally proper dress is required for any temples to show your respect on those sacred places. Some of Temples in Jogja actually are place for praying, for example Borobudur temple is praying place for Buddhiest. It is even important to dress up properly before entering Sultan Palace as this place is still in use by the Sultan (king) and Royal Family.

Kindly keep in mind these our suggestion before embarking your tour with Travellover :


  • Shorts, mini-skirts, short skirts, are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Make sure you wear long pant or skirts lower than your knee.
  • Sandals or flip-flops are allowed. We suggest wearing shoes, which are comfortable for walking, and are easy to be worn and taken off.
  • If you come to Borobudur or Prambanan around at 8am – 3pm, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen lotion, umbrella, are definately recommended.
  • Make sure to carry mineral water or any cold drinking water with you. There is no warong or food seller inside the temples. Remember, Yogyakarta will be very hot and the temples is really big.



  • You will be borrowed BATIK as skirts to cover your foot. (FREE)
  • In some case you may get sexual harassment from other people. We prefer to avoid this happend to our customer, so it is better to wear proper dress.


DOs and DON’Ts :

  • If ou visiting Prambanan temple, don’t forget to take mini train to see other temples like Bubrah temples, Sewu temples, etc at outside Prambanan temple area. It’s FREE for International tourists. Remember , Prambanan area is really big.
  • If you read any sign says “don’t climb” or “don’t sit here”, Don’t try to climb or sit on the stupas at Borobudur or Prambanan temples.
  • At Sultan palace, there are signs say “don’t step on” or “don’t touch” or “no photo and video” or similiar in some building, please respect it. The royal stuff takes this cases seriously.
  • Do not smoke in the place where “No smoking” sign are shown.
  • If you have finished smoking, please throw your cigarette butt to garbage. Even Indonesian policy about this is not stright, but respect other country by keep it clean.
  • Throw your rubbish to trash bin only.
  • Do not show too much affection in temples or public place. (like kissing etc.)
  • DONT TAKE any stone of stupas and bring back home or you will be in big problem.