Travel Tips


“Where do you go, Mister…?”

If you seemed getting lost, they would pretend to be helpful. We suggest you to ask people in any shop or restaurant or tourist police who intends to speak English for a direction, not any driver parking the car and waiting for tourists on the sidestreet.

“The sultan Palace still closed, want to buy souvenir first…?”

Then, they will tell you to go with becak to kill your time by visiting the souvenir store or wherever. On your ride, they will ask you to stop at any (overpriced) jewelry factories, tailors, batik, souvenir, bakpia factory. You will waste your time and sometimes, you can’t get back to the palace in time because the traffic is heavy or you enjoy shopping too much. You will miss the most important attraction then. Sometime the becak driver who can’t speak english just drop you at those store without giving any confirmation. Just straighly tell them where yo go.

“Becak IDR 10,000 Malioboro, Tamansari, Keraton…”

This is very ear-opening for innocent tourists convinced by Becak driver! Remember that.. there’s no any cheap tour offered without hidden purposes. Again, they will convince you to go to any factory, go to any shops where they agreed to give them a commission. You can give it a try, just ask them to go to Malioboro to Tugu they will charge you much more than 10,000 – 20,000 Rupiah in such a short distance. How come they would offer you a cheap ride around the city for nothing?

YES, they can receive a huge commission from those overpriced stores (who agreed to charge their clients more than the others). Some people fall into this trap just because they want to help locals or to support these “seem-to-be-poor” drivers. You don’t realize that you’re destroying tourism unintentionally. Our land used to be the land of smile where Indonesians loved to help tourists sincerely with no hidden purposes. Now these drivers don’t want to give you just a ride from place to place anymore. They forgot their duties as they are spoiled by this way.



“Goa pindul…Goa pindul…This way…”

If you are backpacking to Goa Pindul, please consider that so many fake directions to reach Goa Pindul.Or when you are stop in trafic light, there are many fake directions to Goa Pindul made by ads banner. It says “pusat informasi Goa Pindul”  means “Information center of Goa Pindul cave tubing”. Those are FAKEinformation. Just following the GREEN or BROWN directions to Goa Pindul. You will see many like this along the way to Goa Pindul. If you follow this direction, you will arrive at small office or house then the owner will take you to Goa Pindul then they will charge you more money afterwards or they will get commision from Goa Pindul Operators.

“Sorry Mister, Goa pindul? I’ll take you there for free…follow me…”

If you go to Goa Pindul by car or motorcycle, there will be driver will ask you while driving. They will offer you to take you to Goa Pindul area for free. How come they would take you there for free? they can receive a huge commission from those operator’s Goa Pindul for taking people there. They will not take you to recommended operators, but will take you to operators who pay more to them.

REMARK : Not only Goa Pindul, some places like Borobudur, Puthuk Setumbu, Merapi Jeep Adventure also many this kind of people. They offer you to take you to the place you want to visit to, but they will act like poor people then ask you some money politely. You have to ask yourself if you wanted to support these people rather than the poor or orphaned students or handicapped people in some foundations or in any poor, remote areas? Is it worth to help them and if sometimes ended up to have problems with the products you’ve bought? Will you be upset with that tarnished experiences later on? We can’t answer these questions on your behalf.



“No…you can’t go there by car”

It’s true, just few tourism destinations in Yogya are not reachable by car. But, mostly it can. Some case, the driver won’t to drop you to somewhere because they don’t get any commission. Make sure they are agree to take you wherever you want. It is your right to be serviced by them.

Example : the road to Timang beach is rocky and a little bit difficult for some driver. The won’t pass through this way by their lovely car. So, they will say “Can’t go to Timang by car, we used to get there by motorcycle or OJEK” means you should rent motorcycle or pay motor driver called OJEK to take you there and the driver will wait for you at parking area. The parking area actually quite far from the beach. Around 5-7 km. So, when you rent car, ask them and make sure that they will drop you to Timang beach, not at the parking area.

“Bakpia? Souvenir?”

Not only becak, but the driver sometime force you to stop to souvenir or bakpia factory to get commission from the shop. They will give you recommend to the expensive factory not to the best one, because these kind of shop will give them huge commission.

“IDR 200,000 per day”

This one is so cheaper than normal price, but you will hear this kind of offering at Airport or some touristic place in Yogyakarta. How come the car rental and driver can offer this price without hidden purpose? Or maybe the car is not good, they will charge you more, more, more during your trip, or they just want to take you to some places only, or…stopping to souvenir all the time? Be smart traveller.