Do I really need guide?

Have you ever asked the same thing before come to Jogja? Actually it’s so sad to share you this before your visit to Jogja, but in otherwise hopefully it could help. Well…then here the answer.

  • Languages
    Unlike in Bali, only few people who can speak English in Jogja city. Not all of drivers or waiters could speak English as well. So it will be difficult for you -who can’t speak Indonesian or Malay- to communicate what you want to driver or waiters, except in the fancy restaurant. If you are lucky, then you will get a cheap driver who can speak English to offer you a trip. But remember, cheap always has a reason.


  • Public Transportation
    Is there any public transportation?
    Public transportation only available around city area, it called “TRANS JOGJA” that time operation is after at 5.30 AM. It could not cover all of tourist destinations in Jogjakarta. Otherwise taxi could be the other option to explore Jogja. But remember, Taxi could not take you all the time, except you want to pay every meter.


  • Rent car and Driver
    Mostly tour agency offer a driver as your guide for your trip to Jogja. It could be another option for you,  if only you are tourist who won’t to know about Jogja completely. It means you don’t really interested in Jogja destinations or if you are looking for cheap way to explore jogja, so driver and rent car is your best way to enjoy Jogja, because driver will drive you and will not attend into every sites you visit.
    For you travellers, who want to explore Jogja, want to know about Jogja tourist destinations, want to have Jogja culinary, then tour buddy or tour guide will be perfect option. They can give you suggestion where to go, when the best time to visit, because they do it in almost everyday in their life. So your trip will be more effective and efficient. Especially Travellover buddy, we will attend into the site with you, take you to explore jogja, and enjoy the tour together, which other company are not.


Remark: Hiring a driver as your guide might be cheaper considering those driver has their own car and has no company. Comparatively, our services might have a higher cost, but if you are looking for someone reliable and trustworthy waiting for you after a long flight, taking you to explore Jogja like friends, taking you back to airport safely, and/or you won’t to bargaining for your fare, we suggest you use our services.