Become a Tour Buddy

Share your passion with the world.

Share your experiences exploring Jogja and around city, and earn extra money by bringing others along.

If you have this three keys, you are what we are looking for.

Travellover concern on this key for being tour buddy: Attitude, Experience, and Passion

Attitude – It is easy to help you to be skillful tour buddy, but not easy to built your attitude. We are looking for tour buddy who has a good attitude to grow up together with us.

Experiences – Before taking our traveler to explore Jogja, first of all you should LOVE to explore Jogja. Not only in your word, but know Jogja very well. However, Travellover always taking the qualified tour buddy to the place that you never visit before for a training before you become a tour buddy. We want to make sure that you have valued knowledge for sharing to the world.

Passion – Share your self-taught as “local photographer” to snap impressive naturals wonders. If you are foodie, you can share about how to eat traditional foods, your knowledge about the best street food, and/or high end restaurants in Jogja. Or even you are an comedian, just be your self. You can show us how much you can make them (the travelers) laugh. Have idea to make an adventure activities in Jogja, kindly let us know your idea. Whatever is that, share your passion.


Become a tour buddy

Who can be a tour buddy?

  1. Collage students or fresh graduated from university. UGM will be in priority.
  2. You who will stay in Jogja at least 1 year when applying as tour buddy.
  3. You who able to speak English fluently.

Quality Standart

A memorable experience starts with a great tour buddy. Successful tour buddies show the following qualities

  1. Attitude – have a good attitude.

– Make travellers feel like they belong and treat them like friends rather than customers

– Adopt a positive attitude when interacting with traveler

– Give local, personal recommendations

2. Experience – have experience exploring Jogja and emphatic:

You can anticipate your guest’s needs and feelings. For example, you:

– Facilitate the conversation

– Help each traveler feel included

– Adapt the experience as needed

3. Passion – you will not be forgotten if you have a strong passion, like:

 If you study something in your university, you know well about your major

– You have an hobby

– You love to explore your country

How to Apply

Drop us an email contain your CV and tell us about you (both in English), and some photos of you.

Send to our email

Subject : Apply Tour Buddy