Vertical Caving Jomblang

Vertical Caving: Jomblang

Price               : IDR 500.000/person.

Start tour      : at 07.00 – 14.00

Include           : Entrance tickets, caving equipment, boots shoes for caving, welcome drink, free lunch.

Detail              :

Jomblang is a well known vertical cave in Jogja because of its beauty. You will see the sunlight from above that goes through the hole to enter the cave. It’s like seeing the light from the heaven. The view is awesome!  People who want caving must use safety standard caving equipment for vertical caving and must be accompanied by the experience caving operators/trainers. Feel the sensation of an adventure when you going down into 60 meter underground cave. Walk along the cave to see another hole on the top in the end of the cave. The sun light comes from this hole and looks like the light from heaven. The spread of dropped water from stalactites – the tapering structure hanging like an icicle from the roof of a cave, formed from calcium salts deposited by dripping water – will makes the caving trip more awesome. Adventure passion are needed to through this cave. Travellover and you will see who is the bravest, our buddy or you.


Shall we going down by our self? NO, you will be ascending two by two. All thing you should do just sit and hang on the rope then you will be pull up and down by caving operators. No SRT needed, except the operators.

Will we be wet? NO, probably you will dirty and get spread of water from the stalactites.

Is there provide toilet? YES.

Can we bring our stuff like camera or small bag? YES.

Are kids under 7 years old allowed? We don’t suggest it.

You will always remember: