Prambanan Temple


Entrance ticket : IDR 300,000 (adult)

Detail :

Do you know that Prambanan is the largest Hindus temple in Southeast Asia? The beautiful and graceful of Prambanan temple is magnificent and an icon of Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. In the morning, you could enjoy the lush landscape and take in detailed architecture and design of the template. At night, you could enjoy the classic Javanese Ramayana ballet in an outdoor stage with Prambanan temple as its background. Could you imagine what a amazing it is! And, the myth is Prambanan build with 999+1 temples, but do you know the legend of these? Travellover will tell you this story on your trip!

Plus, Travellover will take you there on sunset time, so you can snapping beautiful sunset from this area, just before the main gate closed.