Hello Travelers! Welcome to my website!

You might want to know a little bit more about me. Its not all that interesting and really nothing extraordinary but at least its better than you shaking hands with me and going off on a tour with me without knowing anything about me at all…

My name is Anita and I’am 24 years old. I just finished my study in University of Gadjah Mada since December 2016, google said it’s the best university in Indonesia (HA!). I have been a Students Ambassador in my faculty for students exchange. I also help other students from around the world to get their house, trip, and study in Indonesia for at least 2 years. I did it as volunteer. I found myself happy when doing this job. I always meet new people from other country and share about Jogja, the way of life, foods, culture, and having trip almost every weekend.

After 2 years doing this job, I knew the path of travelling in Jogja very well. I know Jogja good foods, best time to climb Mount Merapi, cliff jumping, crazy driver, scam-er, etc. As a travelers, I never wish to be tricked by locals. Because of that I dreamed to have travel agency who provide buddies who can give suggestions for our client and help them to not be tricked by scam-er.

Finally, 1 year after that have my Travellover. Travellover is tour organizer who provide custom private tour of Indonesia based on Jogja. When I start my business, just a few client in my hand. It can grow up quickly and now I have some Indonesian travelers who help me to organize this business. They are beautiful, attractive, friendly, and love meet new people. They are Travellover buddies.

Travellover has a unique signature line on its buddies. The buddies are mostly are students in University of Gadjah Mada, the most prestigious university in Indonesia. We love travelling and meet new people. We lead new buddy and have had travel with them. We will be happy to help you to get the best way to enjoy your holiday in Indonesia, especially in Jogja. Don’t ever expect us as a guide but you should expect us as your local friends. If you are travelers who are interested in the real Indonesian tourism, adventure, nature, we are here to serve you privately. It’s like having a trip with your close friends.

Our next mission is we wanna have Traveler base camp in Jogja. The place when you need a home far away from home. Base camp for travelers from around the world who can stay and share about their travel experiences to each other. In otherwise it can motivate more students -the buddies- who who has passionate in travel as well. In long-term plan, every buddies can handle their own business related to our vision about Indonesian tourism.

Someone said, “there are two ways to travel: if you couldn’t travel around the world, then you could lead people around the world to visit you”, and we would love to do both.


Come and have adventure with us, and you will see why our tours are different. 

Put your trust in us, and we’ll do our best for you.

 with love,

Anita Riadcliffe