Hello Travelers! Welcome to my website!

You might want to know a little bit more about me. Its not all that interesting and really nothing extraordinary but at least its better than you shaking hands with me and going off on a tour with me without knowing anything about me at all…

Anita is the founder Travellover since she was studying in University of Gadjah Mada. It was a project from her lecturer in faculty of economics and business who asked the students create a business plan. After three weeks, the business plan turn to be a real business. She start the big dream from small action: asking experienced students who passionate about Indonesia and love travelling to be tour guides for Travellover. By bringing travelers along, they – the students – could earn more money for their study and daily life.  The first clients is her international students who wanted to travel around Indonesia but doesn’t know how to find tour organizer. When she started the business, just a few client in my hand. It can grow up quickly and now we have some Indonesian travelers who help me to organize this business. They are beautiful, attractive, friendly, and love meet new people. They are Travellover buddies. The guests is become more and more until now because they refer us to their friend and family from overseas, especially from Europe.

For Anita it self it is actually not only a business, but also a vehicle to help people around her. Being helpful and the agent of change is the biggest dream of Anita in Travellover. Anita leads a team of students from different background who are experienced in tourism and adventure stuff. Touring with Travellover will give you more than a glimpse into Indonesian lives. Even travelers who are very familiar with Indonesian also use Travellover’s service to experience local live and adventurous tour that only Travellover could reveal it. This is including flying with fixed wing aircraft (fit only for 2 passengers) horse riding on the river, cycling to village and experiencing hospitality, and much more original tours designed by Anita and team.
Value that couldn’t copy by competitors is her personality, attitude, honesty, and integrity the way runs the business which all of past guests knew it all along and still referred her service to friends/family for years until now. Anita will personally arrange your tour requests and reply your emails by herself with helps from assistants. They will be more than happy to create an itinerary for you or you go with the fixed ones. However, you may expect some delays in her responses especially during peak season.
She decided herself on project in local experience and village development. One of them is River School. You may support this social project by bringing your used clothes, toys for kids, and also books during your visit. We will donate those your lovely stuff to children who live by riverside or local people who needed. Indeed, your charity as since your trip of course will economically support our crew’s study and daily life.
If you want to experience your tours in different aspects, narrow down your other choices and in Travellover you should trust.

River School: The children in our social project deserve the equal opportunity to learn, to have healthy start, and to feel supported and secure living in a clean environment that is prepared for natural disasters.


Come and have adventure with us, and you will see why our tours are different. 

Put your trust in us, and we’ll do our best for you.

 with love,

Anita Riadcliffe