This is the best seller tour on 2017! In this section you will find the tours that Travellover recommends. These tours are very popular, and it is best to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If you are looking for personalized service, unusual experiences and a break away from large tour groups, then these tours are for you. We cater to passionate travelers who want to explore beyond the regular ‘must-see’ sights. Come immerse yourself in our nature, adventure, and our country.

Our team are so passionate about pleasing our clients that we go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every need is met. Our services have to be more than excellent so our clients can recommend us. That is our philosophy.

The recommended tours can be modified and customized to suit your needs. Please remember these are private tours, and you are our exclusive client. Please don’t hesitate to make your preferences known.




This is recommended tour for a group for company gathering, adventure club, and company tours for Indonesian company. We organize tour no more than 1 bus/1 company per day as personal service is our priority. We would like to know about you, happy and explore the city with you, or even we want to know what the name of your pet, or how many children do you have, not shaking your hand without knowing anything about you. After you have visited Yogyakarta, we want you to come back freshly to your place and have a great spirit to working back to your office.



Team building in a company will make your team more solid and much better. We organize AMAZING RACE JOGJA, combining games, explore city, and race! If you ever seen “The Amazing race”, you might imagine that we will organize it in Yogyakarta!! Start from taking public transportation, visiting historical places in Jogja, having culinary during the race, to joining some challenging games. You will separated by several group and facilitated by a facilitator from Travellover every group. So don’t worry to get lost in Yogyakarta! Of course we will create games depend on company’s values.

If you never see the amazing race, please check video on this link:  VIDEO