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2 days – Adventure trip

from Rp1,950,000

2 days visiting must visit places like Borobudur (sunrise), Merapi Jeep Adventure, Vertical cave: Jomblang cave and Timang beach for crossing the sea by cable cart/gondola.
Private tour with guide, pick up and drop service to hotel. All tickets included.
FREE: 1x breakfast, 1x lunch, drinks, souvenirs. 


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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
      Couple, Small Group
    • Activity Level Challenging
    • Group Size Small Group
    All about the 2 days – Adventure trip.


    2 persons: IDR 2,450,000/persons. min 2 persons.

    3 persons: IDR 2,200,000/person.
    4-5 persons: IDR 1,950,000/person (upgrade family car).
    6 or more: IDR 1,950,000/person (upgrade VIP VAN).

    Tour Buddy:

    On this package you will not miss information about Yogyakarta in 2 days. We will provide you young tour buddy from Univeristy. It’s like having trip with your close friends. By booking tour from Travellover of course will economically support our crew’s study and daily life.

    Caving guide:

    You will be provided professional caving guide with more than 8 years caving experience. You are in the trustworthy hand. 🙂

    Day 1 – Borobudur Sunrise & Merapi Jeep Adventure

    You will be picked up at 03.30 from your hotel in Jogja by our tour buddy and driver. Visiting one of UNESCO world heritage is a must, especially during sunrise. July-September (dry season) is the best time to see sunrise from this temple.

    After exploring Borobudur temple, we will take you to Merapi and experience exploring villages and mount area by Jeep car. You will always remember: off road on the river will be so much fun and perfect to end your first day in Yogyakarta.

    In between Borobudur temple and Merapi Jeep Adventure, visiting Museum Ullen Sentalu is highly recommended to know more about why Yogyakarta well knows as “Special Region of Yogyakarta” and have King as our leader until now while other province have not. It is the best museum in Indonesia by National Geography Indonesia . If you have more time, don’t forget to visit this museum.

    Don’t Miss it:

    Visit Our Social Project: River School
    visit River school every Wednesday at 15.00 – 17.30


    Day 2 – Jomblang – Vertical Caving

    Jomblang is a well known vertical cave in Jogja because of its beauty. You will see the sunlight from above that goes through the hole to enter the cave. It’s like seeing the light from the heaven. The view is awesome!  People who want caving must use safety standard caving equipment for vertical caving and must be accompanied by the experience caving operators/trainers.

    Feel the sensation of an adventure when you going down into 60 meters underground cave. Walk along the cave to see another hole on the top in the end of the cave. The sun light comes from this hole and looks like the light from heaven. The spread of dropped water from stalactites – the tapering structure hanging like an icicle from the roof of a cave, formed from calcium salts deposited by dripping water – will makes the caving trip more awesome. Adventure passion are needed to through this cave. Travellover and you will see who is the bravest, our buddy or you.

    About Timang beach – crossing by Gondola

    Gunung Kidul has beautiful beaches in Yogyakata, and Timang beach is one of them. Standing up at Watu Panjang and seeing the waves crashing into coral stone and cliff is challenge enough for visitors. If you are an adventurous and adrenaline junkie, you must like to try crossing the heavy waves from Watu Panjang to the cliff called Timang in the other side.

    Best thing to do: Having lunch (seafood : especially LOBSTER. HA!) at lobster fisherman’s house is the best option after visiting Timang.




    We would like to invite you to visit our social project: River School. It is an alternative school for children living by river side area in Yogyakarta. The program  teaches children about environment, health, and disaster awareness through English lesson once a week. This school involved university students and foreign students as volunteer.

    What you can do:

    • Get involved into our teaching activity, outdoor activity, and practice English with the children.
    • Visit and play with the children.
    • Would be appreciate If you donate your used clothes, toys, books or stationary, tumblers, though Travellover or give fruits to kids directly. No chocolate and sweets allowed.

    We have three school and each school have 30-70 kids. They are 7-112 years old. However we only open visit to one school only.

    Visit us every Wednesday 15.00 – 17.30.
    Reservation: WhatsApp: +62 813-2507-5445
    No additional cost needed!


    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Pick up & drop off service: pick up from hotel in Jogja & return to your hotel/drop off airport after trip
    • Transport: gasoline, driver, parking fees, Jeepto Timang beach
    • Tour buddy: tour buddy from Travellover
    • Drinks: mineral water
    • Meals: 1x lunch local food after Jomblang cave
    • Entrance fees: Jomblang cave, Timang beach, Borobudur sunrise, Merapi Jeep, Gondola ticket.
    • Facilities: Caving guide, caving equipment + boots with limited size
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Meals
    • Personal expenses
    • all expenses during the trip like entrance fee out of program, meals for our buddy, etc will be paid by you
    1. DAY 1 Borobudur Sunrise / Merapi jeep adventure / Prambanan Temple

      You will be picked up from hotel.
      Visiting Borobudur sunrise and Merapi Jeep adventure. (Approx: 03.30 – 12.00).

    2. DAY 2 Jomblang cave & Timang beach

      You will be picked up at 07.00 for Jomblang cave, and visiting Timang beach around at 14.00. Roughly you will arrive at hotel at 19.00.

    Jeep - Travellover
    Jeep - Travellover
    Jomblang -Travellover
    Jomblang - Travellover
    Jomblang -Travellover
    Timang -Travellover
    Timang - Travellover
    Borobudur Sunrise

    NO, you will be ascending two by two. All you should do just sit and hang on the rope (harness) then you will be pulled up and down by Jomblang cave operators. No SRT needed, except the operators.

    NO, probably you will dirty and get spread of water from the stalactites.



    We don’t suggest it.

    We don’t suggest it.

    Overall Rating
    Reviewed On 09/10/2018

    We had two-day great and enjoyable trips to Borobudur and Pindul cave. The tour leader is friendly, and knows where to go and how to make our day. I bet you’ll have a memorable trip with travellover. Highly recommended.