Why do we should use flat rate?

We use flat rates because we provide tours that are flexible to your needs. This allows you to customize the tour to include attractions that want visit to. We will estimate how much time to dedicate to each location depending on your interests. At any time during the tour, you are free to change your mind with regards to your itinerary, as this is a private tour except some of tourism destination need to book one day until one week before, so we can’t cancel this activity. We give you full control of the itinerary, but of course we are also always at hand to give you suggestions and advice.

Our tours can take up to 8-15 hours on longer day trips, but you can also extend the tour if you want by paying overtime costs.


What do we need to know to help you customize your tour?

If you want us to create an itinerary for you, it would be very helpful to know your preferences. For example, if you have a special interest in history, culture, foods, animals, etc. or other likes/dislikes, travel styles, pace of travel, allergies if any, how adventurous/energetic you are. If you have children, it would help knowing their ages, so we can prepare activities to keep them entertained. Also, if the children have any special food preferences, it would be best to let us know in advance so our guides can prepare ahead of time the restaurants to visit.


How do you pay us?

You will be required to leave a deposit to secure your booking, and the balance amount will be paid in Indonesian Rupiah in cash to your guide on the day of your tour.


Why do we now require a deposit to secure your booking?

For your info, some of things to do in Yogyakarta need to book entrance ticket and to prepare the equipment at least one day until one week before. That’s why we need your booking immediately. In other side, in the recent past, we have suffered innumerable losses due to last minute cancellations. We now require you to leave a small deposit to confirm your booking which will provide a sense of security to both parties. To make it easy and convenient for you, we accept your deposits through bank transfer. Details will be provided to you at the time of your booking.

We would have liked to continue accepting your bookings based on your word. Unfortunately, we have realized that while we have always honored all reservations, many who made reservations with us did not do the same. This not only caused us monetary losses, but also loss of faith. We hope you cooperate with us and allow us to continue providing the exemplary services we are known for.