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Times are tough, but there is still good happiness all over the world. Promise. From unlikely heroes to small business superstars, we've rounded up feel-good stories to help you see and spread the light.

Here are some inspirational acts for big impact around us.

  1. Distributing face mask, non-medic mask, and APD for free.
  2. Offering meals to anyone who is unable to afford them - no question asked.
  3. Playing same music for neighbors to make them smile.
  4. Assisting those in need with picking groceries, filling prescriptions, or just providing someone to talk to.
  5. Selling print photography and share 50% or profit for guides in safari.
  6. and much more....

You also could share your own story about your own 'there's good out there' on your instagram account and mention us @tourwithmoana and @tripadvisor with hashtag: #TheresGoodOutThere #SeeTheRealLife and let's spread the light!


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