Temples Best Selling Tour

There are several temple visit options in Yogyakarta, but as local experts,
we suggest this itinerary tailored to accommodate your schedule while exploring our city.

Borobudur & Prambanan Temple

Private Trip
2 person
4 person++

English speaking driver
IDR 1,850,000/person
IDR 1,550,000/person

Borobudur Sunrise & Mt Merapi

Start Tour
2 person
4 person++

03.00 in the morning
IDR 1,750,000/person
IDR 1,350,000/person

Half Day Borobudur Temple

Private Trip
2 persons
4 persons++

English speaking driver
IDR 1,250,000/person
IDR 1,050,000/person

Best Selling Experience

Numerous choices exist, yet these tours are presented according to efficient schedules.


Village Fun Cycling

Start Tour
Add on transport

07.30 or 14.30
IDR 450,000/person
IDR 550,000/car*


Adventure Jomblang cave

Start Tour
2-7 persons
8-14 persons

07.00 in the morning
IDR 1,700,000/person
IDR 1,000,000/person


Pottery Making Experience

Terracotta Making
Terracotta Throwing Class
Ceramic Throwing Class

IDR 200,000
IDR 325,000
IDR 400,000

Joey V
Joey V
June 30, 2023
5 Star Review - With our guide Bagus !! Our group of 3 friends visited Indonesia for the first time in the Summer of 2023. We took the 3 day and 2 night Mt. Bromo itinerary Our tour guide Bagus was the absolute best! He greeted us at the airport with a fun attitude and walked us through the schedule for the next 3 days. Throughout the trip Bagus continued to show us an incredible time! He ensured we were able to experience all the attractions and sights. Between our hikes Bagus educated us on the authentic culture of Indonesia. I felt that he allowed us to get an authentic experience of Java For the entire trip, our group felt safe and assured. If you are booking this trip, id recommend you ask for Bagus as your guide! Thanks Bagus !!!
William F
William F
June 30, 2023
Awesome trip to Mt Bromo Bagus was an awesome driver and guide for our trip to Mt Bromo and Ijen. He was quick to respond on whatsapp and met us at the airport when our flight got in. Was super fun to jam out with him on his car stereo during the longer drives and he made sure to get us where we were headed each morning comfortably and on time to see the sights. Was a genuine pleasure having him as a driver and hope to use him again if ever back in indonesia.
June 30, 2023
Incredible experience at a great value Had an incredible experience traveling alongside two friends. Our guide was named Bagus and he was fun, energetic, and helpful. Highly recommend this tour, with manageable hikes that led to breathtaking views
November 1, 2019
Great 4D3N trip We engaged Anita and team to plan for a 4d trip based from recommendation of our friends. It was a great decision as we did not have to worry about pick up and drop off. Everything was done promptly and our driver drove safety. We covered places like Borobudur, Timang beach, Mt Merapi, Prambanum temple etc. Adventurous activities included Gondola ride, Jeep rides and Jomblang cave. Most thrilling activity in my opinion was the Jeep ride where we opted to be ‘totally wet’. The Jeep ride really set our hearts racing! The 6 of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the trip with plenty of nice photographs taken for keepsakes. Photos included sun rise, sun set and finally, sun light in the cave! Both Anita and Randy (hope I got the spelling right) also helped us to take many great-angled group photos and videos. We definitely would not hesitate to recommend the tour to our friends if they are planning a trip to Yogya. Many thanks for the great planning and we all wished we were at Yogya longer to cover even more places!!
August 6, 2019
Amazing Experience with Travellover From a friend's referral, we chose Travellover to help us organise a 4D3N private tour to Ijen, Bromo and Ranu Kumbolo. Our guide, Andie, did his best to ensure our well being is taken care of throughout the trip. We got what we came for, all the beautiful memories and places will always be in our hearts. Apart from the price (quite costly actually as we only had 2 persons), everything was alright. Though, perhaps the accommodation could have been better since we already are paying on the higher end of things. Nonetheless, thanks Anita for arranging this.
Shu Ning
Shu Ning
July 23, 2019
Amazing trip with Anita! Truly enjoyed my time tgt with our guide Anita. She was sincere and really took good care of us throughout the trip! She recommended for us to visit places that were less touristy ( but still beautiful) and appropriate for the season itself (to prevent disappointment). She also knows the best photospots, food ( and cheap) and activities to do! Highly recommend ????????
July 2, 2019
Seeing a beautiful place through the eyes of the locals Anita and her driver were never late for pick up. Communication was clear and prompt always! Brought us to lots of places off the beaten track and away from tourists. However, do note that if you intend to climb any of the mountains, bring PROPER HIKING FOOTWEAR!
Chermaine T
Chermaine T
June 19, 2019
Amazing Jogja!! The best therapy is time out with your gfs, so my 2 friends and I booked a long weekend trip to Jogja. We engaged Travellover after doing some research on TA and got them to help come up with a 2-day itinerary based on what we wanted to see. We covered Timang beach, Pramabanan temple, caught sunrise at Borobudur & went on a Merapi jeep adventure. My overall experience with Travellover and guide, Anita was fantastic. Anita was responsive, helpful, flexible, knowledgable, fun loving and she also takes great pics! I would highly recommend Travellover!
October 17, 2018
A fun day! We had such an awesome menu of the day: **Apertizer with Sunrise at Setumbu: be able to see sunrise everyday is a happiness **Main course was Fun and Wet time playing tubing on a spring at Litle Ubud. (Tip: be there early before 8am so you can be the first to play. 2nd tip: you gonna laugh alot, and thanks for laughing I drank a lot of spring water coz falling of the tube too. It was such an enjoyable dish that I will definitely go here again if I return to Jogja). *Side dish: Local lunch at a suprising restaurant on the way to Merapi. A restaurant has been running base on the integrity of the people. Beautiful! *Side dish: "Question & Answer" time at Ullen Sentalu museum. The museum tour guide would remember my face if I go back coz of my many questions about the royal and their religion costume practice. **Dessert: Excited jeep drive with Merapi Lava tour. The driver's drift skill is excellent. He was also very pleased to answer all my questions about the life of the local before during and after eruption in 2010. The menu was such a memorable one thanks for the restaurant manager, Anita, whom suggested me the itineray, thanks for the punctual and gentle driver, thanks for the fun accompany local new friend. Thanks for the kind Indonesian, I definitely love the people. It is hard for me to answer the question "Where would you like to return among all the places you have been?". Now my answer will be Indonesia. Dear all travellovers, Jogja is just a city like any other you may have visited. Please get to know Travellover and Anita, to able to remember Jogja as a place that you will return.
September 20, 2018
Would love to see them improve They were very punctual and friendly. But having a personal guide and paying a premium for the service, i really expected much more. Much more in terms of information and history and what not. Yes my guide was like a friend, but am i paying for a friend to follow me around in case i need help or am i paying for a guided tour? Yes, i felt at ease with my guide, he made sure we were comfortable and did all the buying of the tickets and stuff, so we didn’t need to worry about anything. I like my guide, i made a friend but i feel a guide should be sharing more about the country and history so we go home knowing more about the place. I am not criticising the service. Please take this as contructive feedback. I hope you can improve from here and maybe provide your guides with historical information that they can share with the tourists. Another issue is the level of english. I paid for an english speaking guide but his level was just understandable. I think more training would be required to have better ease of communication. I really wish you the best and hope that you can improve from here and become a great travel company that helps university students.

Mount Bromo Best Selling Tour

Numerous choices exist, yet these tours are presented according to efficient schedules.
Available pick up services from Surabaya, Malang, or Yogyakarta.


Bromo Tour (sharing tour)

Start from Malang
Indonesian traveler
Foreign traveler

FREE Pick up service
IDR 350,000
IDR 750,000

bromo atas

3D2N Bromo - Ijen Tour (Surabaya)

Start from Surabaya
2 persons
4 persons

Anytime before 10 A.M.
IDR 4,300,000/person
IDR 3,500,000/person

bromo sunrice

2D1N Bromo Overnight

Start Surabaya/Malang
2 persons
4 persons

Flexible before 12 P.M.
IDR 2,750,000/person
IDR 2,000,000/person


See Other

Wake up and ride at your own pace.
Let the chalk arrows lead the way.
Taste Local Culture.


Exchange: Living with Local

Experience the essence of local life with our 2 Days, 2 Nights immersive journey. Live like a local, discover their way of life, and be pleasantly surprised! Your package includes accommodation and meals for an authentic local experience.

  • Joining local activities
  • Knowing their way of life
  • Language exchange
  • Gaining authentic experience
  • testing Indonesian foods

Go for Hike

Embark on an exhilarating trekking adventure with our student-led guides! Explore the stunning mountains in our area with the passion and expertise of university Adventure Activists.

  • National Park Merapi - Short Trekking
  • Mount Andong (1,726 m)
  • Mount Merbabu (3,145 m)

Lost in Small Streets by Bike

Discover the hidden gems of Yogyakarta with MOANA Cycling Tour. Lose yourself in the charming small streets and experience the authentic side of Jogja, away from the tourist crowds.

  • The Hidden Gems - diversity by riverside
  • The Royal Route - explore old city & cooking class
  • Village Fun Cycling - around ricefields and villages

Indonesian Company Outing

Elevate your company gathering with Travellover's unique and sustainable activities. We prioritize happiness for our guests, our team, and the local community, ensuring an unforgettable and meaningful experience.

  • 4D3N tour in Yogyakarta
  • Outbound - team building
  • Merapi Jeep Adventure

See our company outing in Yogyakarta

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